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Vana'diel Braces Itself for PS2 Final Fantasy XI Launch


Final Fantasy XI

With the release of the PlayStation 2 version of Final Fantasy XI drawing near, Square Enix and Sony Entertainment have planned a huge launch event to commemorate the arrival of both the game and the flood of new players into Vana'diel. The spectacular event will be held on the evening of March 22 at the Metreon Sony PlayStation store in downtown San Francisco. Interested players can grab some special giveaway goodies, participate in a Final Fantasy costume contest for a chance to win their own PlayStation 2 Hard Disk Drive with FFXI preinstalled, or try out the game before it goes on sale at 12:01 AM.

The PlayStation 2 Hard Disk Drive with FFXI will sell for $99 (USD) on March 23. Prospective PS2 FFXI players can visit Square Enix's FFXI website and check out the newly-added PlayStation 2 guide under the "Getting Started" section.

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Final Fantasy XI
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