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Tickets to the Great Uematsu


Squaresoft: Uematsu

For those of you out there who are blessed enough to be in Los Angeles during the 2004 E3 conference, you will be happy to know that tickets for Nobuo Uematsu's first North American concert have gone on sale today through Ticketmaster.

Tickets are slated at these various prices: $40.00 US for Balcony, Orchestra View, and Terrace View in the purple zone; $60.00 US for Orchestra West, Orchestra East, Terrace West, and Terrace East seats in the red zone; $85.00 for Orchestra, Terrace, Orchestra West, and Orchestra East in the orange zone; and $120.00 US for Front Orchestra seats in the yellow zone. You can see an entire view of these zones in the Walt Disney concert hall here.

Get them as fast as you can, since we're sure they'll sell out quick.

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