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Dengeki Sets Record Straight About Suikoden IV


Suikoden IV

New Suikoden IV information has made its way to North America. According to Dengeki PlayStation magazine, Suikoden IV will be released in Japan this summer. In addition, the magazine also revealed three more characters: Glen Cott, the commander of the Gaien Knights; Katarina, second-in-command of the Gaien Knights; and Chiepo, a traveling merchant and member of the Nekobold tribe.

The magazine also confirmed one important disputed piece of information. Previously, RPGamer reported that the story of Suikoden IV would be set 150 years before the first Suikoden. Konami later claimed that the information was false. However, Dengeki PlayStation announced that it was in fact true. The events of Suikoden IV will actually be a prequel to the other three Suikoden titles.

Furthermore, in an interview with, director Junko Kawano revealed that Suikoden IV will feature voice acting. The North American version will have English dubbing.

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Suikoden IV
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