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King-Sized Final Fantasy XI Update Released


Final Fantasy XI

Square Enix has released a wide-ranging new patch for Final Fantasy XI. Expansions to the game ranging from new quests to character and monster adjustments, as well as a number of cosmetic and interface changes have been implemented. Most notably, four new "Dynamis" areas have been opened for exploration. These areas give players above level 64 the ability to engage in high-level battles with up to 63 other adventurers. There are currently four different areas of Dynamis, each with a separate entrance. A picture of each can be found on RPGamer's screenshot archives. These battles are not without risk, however; once a player enters one of these areas, it will not be possible to leave until the allotted time in the area expires. However, magic and KOs will enable players to return to their home points.

PC users will be happy to know that a few cursor and shading issues have been cleared up, which should make gameplay more fluid. A full list of the changes can be obtained at PlayOnline.

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