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New Shin Megami Tensei Title Emerges


Digital Devil Saga: Avatar Tuner

Atlus recently announced that a new Shin Megami Tensei title is in the works for the PlayStation 2. Entitled Digital Devil Saga: Avatar Tuner, the story is set in a place called Junkyard City where residents compete for the privilege of travelling to a place called Nirvana. One of these hopefuls is a young man named Surf, the leader of the Embriyon Tribe. In order to reach Nirvana, he must become the Junkyard Champion. Sarah, a young woman who has lost her memories, will aid him in his quest.

Digital Devil Saga takes the basis demon-contacting premise of the series to the next level. This time, characters will actually assume the forms of demons to closely interact with them. The different demon forms will develop as the characters earn experience in battle. In addition, party members can learn to perform powerful attacks together, and it is possible to launch counterattacks as well.

Digital Devil Saga: Avatar Tuner is expected to be released in Japan this summer. In the meantime, Atlus has opened an official Japanese website for the game.

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Digital Devil Saga: Avatar Tuner
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