Final Fantasy III Still WonderSwan Bound

It was recently revealed that Bandai, the company responsible for the Japan-only portable system, the WonderSwan Color, is reportedly picking up the publishing rights to Square's heavily delayed Final Fantasy III remake. While it is still unofficial at this point, it appears that the title is finally complete, and it is up to Square to decide whether or not to go through with publishing the game.

Announced over two years ago, Final Fantasy III for the WonderSwan Color is a complete remake of the original Famicom game. The title was originally scheduled for release in late 2001, but for a number of reasons, it was delayed. It is now questionable as to whether it will even be profitable, now that production of the handheld unit has ceased. RPGamer will let you know when Square and Bandai make the final call.

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by Joseph Witham    
Sources: [The Magic Box]

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