Everquest Online Adventures Set to Launch in February

Sony's Everquest Online Adventures has had a rather uneventful development process, and lacked the weekly press releases games like Final Fantasy X-2 seem to have. Thus, it may come as a surprise to some of you that Everquest Online Adventures has gone gold, and is gearing up for a February 12 release. Everquest Online Adventures will be the first MMORPG available for PlayStation 2 users, as well as the first to specifically require the PS2's Network Adapter. The game will feature 10 different races to play as, as well as 14 different character classes to choose from. Additionally, a number of modifications to a character's hairstyle and facial characteristics are also available.

As for the storyline of the game, it will be set in Tunaria, 500 years before the events of the original Everquest games. Sony promises that the game will have over 323 miles of area to adventure through, and thousands of NPCs to interact with. As is the case with almost any MMORPG these days, Sony intends to continue to add new content to the game as time progresses. As is also the case with any MMORPG, players will be charged a monthly fee in order to continue playing the game, which itself retails for $49.99. Each additional month of Everquest Online Adventures will cost $9.99, the same as its PC progenitor. Whether this new version of Everquest will capture PS2 owners with the same fervor that it did the PC market will be revealed when the game goes live on February 12.

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by Justin Harwood    

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