Dragon Quest Monsters Additions

The upcoming port of all three games in the Dragon Warrior Monsters series to the PSone platform will contain several advancements over the original games for the Game Boy Color. Dragon Quest Monsters I&II will add several characteristics unique to specific monsters, the most notable of which is a "tolerance" system. This system will allow creatures to cancel certain attacks. However, there is another technique, referreed to as "pile cliff" or "heavy cliff," that will temporarily remove this tolerance. In addition, by casting a spell over and over again, the monster's tolerance to that spell will be decreased, eventually resulting in a large amount of damage done to the creature.

A new location will also make an appearance in the updated Dragon Quest Monsters II. Martha's keys, the items providing the base of the adventure, will now be located in a completely different world, accessible from "mysterious doors." Details on the exact nature of this world should be revealed by the middle of next month. Dragon Quest Monsters I&II will be released in Japan in Spring 2002 for 6800 yen. No plans have been made to bring this port over to North America, but should that scenario happen, RPGamer will be sure to bring the news.

by Justin Weiss    
Source: [Famitsu]
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