Square Actually Clarifies Something About GBA Projects, Picks Up Prestigious Series

A producer from Square has actually provided some information about the much-speculated on port of Final Fantasy Tactics, as well as announcing a high-profile acquisition by his company. Yasumi Matsuno has indicated that the Game Boy Advance version of FFT will not be a direct port, as so many recent Square reproductions have been; rather, the game will be a quasi-sequel, featuring a number of gameplay tweaks and the introduction of a quick save function to facilitate portable gaming. Matsuno also revealed that development on this port is roughly 30% complete.

Of even greater interest to fans of strategic RPGs is Square's acquisition of the rights to the Ogre Battle Saga series, which Matsuno himself began on the Super Nintendo. With the pickup, Square will be producing and publishing all future entries in the series. That said, a new title in the series has not immediately been confirmed.

In the interview, Matsuno also reaffirmed what Square president Yoichi Wada revealed last week: that Final Fantasy XII will be released sometime next year in Japan. Matsuno, however, did not offer any further information about the game. Look for RPGamer to continue following all three of these developments as more tangible information becomes available.

by Andrew Long    
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