Fourth EverQuest Expansion Announced

Sony Online Entertainment has announced that a fourth expansion pack for the mega-popular persistent online RPG EverQuest is in the works. Dubbed The Planes of Power, the game seems to favor those in the online community that have truly nurtured their avatars. The disc will allow experienced gamers to enter new realms and battle some uber-baddies.

The story of the expansion takes place in the Planes of Power, the realm of the gods in the virtual world of Norrath. Players will find 18 planar zones, including Burning Prince Solusek Ro's Plane of Fire and the fetid Plane of Disease, where just surviving is a task unto itself. The Plane of Knowledge will serve as a portal from where characters of all levels can easily obtain information and travel all over Norrath.

Entrance to the Plane of Power itself will be facilitated by numerous regions in Norrath. Two main cities will be present that will allow gamers to easily meet up with other characters and travel between the two main zones. Hundreds of monsters are presented, just aching to be massacred, but there will also be an intertwining story. One gameplay caveat is that characters will be required to be at or above level 46 to enter the various Planes, excluding the Plane of Knowledge.

The gameplay of the fourth EverQuest expansion clearly favors more entrenched EQ-ers, and, as such, the game might not appeal to complete newbies, though the addition of the original EverQuest in the pack might assuage those fears. But if you're among the 420,000 current subscribers, this announcement will signify the end of your social life. The expansion will be available on CD-ROM only and will not be available for download. No word on the release date, but check back with us when that changes.

by Alex Wollenschlaeger    
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