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Lost Kingdoms

Activision has begun promoting its upcoming GameCube RPG, Lost Kindoms. To be published in Japan as Rune, the game is in development by From Software, a company based in Japan.

Players will join Princess Katia on a journey to save Argwyll from the evil menace that threatens the game's five kingdoms. Gamers will explore over a dozen fantasy worlds. Over 100 Guardian Cards can be collected through the course of the game; these cards summon unique creatures that act as powerful allies in a real-time action RPG environment. Players will also be able to challenge their friends' monsters in a two-player versus mode.

Lost Kingdoms will be available in Japan on April 25, with a North American release to follow in May. Activision has exclusive publishing rights to the game outside of Asia, so the game will also see a European release. Stay tuned as we continue to bring you the latest from From Software and Activision. Visit the game's official site for more.

by Joseph Witham    
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