More Square-Nintendo Details

Now that people across the globe have had a chance to get their jaws reattached, Square and Nintendo are starting to reveal some more info regarding the momentous reunion of the two companies.

Square confirmed the story on Monday, and clarified the actual divvying of funds with regards to the new affiliate. Headed by Akitoshi Kawazu, the Square-affiliate is tentatively going by the name Game Designers Studios. Funding for the new company is split 51:49 between Kawazu and Square, with financial support coming from Nintendo-boss Hiroshi Yamauchi's Q Fund. Square set many minds at ease by confirming that FFXI and FFXII will still be appearing on the PS2.

Nintendo of Japan went on record Monday as well, confirming that a new Final Fantasy game, which will utilize the GameCube-GBA link-up ability, will be arriving on the Game Boy Advance before the end of the year in Japan. The company representative stated that there will be at least three games on the GBA, hinting that one of them might be a port of Final Fantasy Tactics, a game that has garnered a cult-like following in the five years since its release.

New details pertaining to this event are being released on an almost daily basis, so look for further clarification in the near future.

by Alex Wollenschlaeger    
Source: [Gamespot Japan]
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