NEC to Bring Black Matrix Sequel to GBA

After moderately successful outings on the Dreamcast and PlayStation 2 in Japan, NEC Interchannel has revealed their intentions to bring the Black Matrix series to the Game Boy Advance. The company is already working on the game, which is tentatively titled Black Matrix ZERO. NEC's newest project will be steeped in the heritage of the series, as several characters from previous entries are slated to make appearances. In spite of this, the plot will take place a full hundred years before the original, and will sport a retro-style plot(although what exactly that means is anyone's guess at this point).

NEC is promising that BM ZERO will feature a sophisticated battle system allowing players to master both physical and magical battle techniques; however, as with the rest of the game, there is little concrete evidence forthcoming at this point. Nevertheless, expect more information to surface as the game nears its May release date in Japan. There has been no word on whether the game will make it to North America, and given the fact that the first two entries in the series did not, its chances do not seem to be terribly great.

by Andrew Long    
Sources: [Xengamers]
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