Dragon Warrior IV US Bound No Longer

Sad news for RPGamers as Enix America revealed this morning that Dragon Warrior IV is no longer going to be released in North American on Sony PlayStation. When asked why the decision was made to cancel the already announced North American version, Enix stated that the age of the PlayStation had a definite impact, and they simply would rather focus their resources on newer titles and newer systems.

However, there is a ray of hope. Enix said that they would not rule out bringing Dragon Warrior IV over on another platform in the future. They would not clarify this, but said to wait for an announcement in the near future. They could very well announce something at the annual Sakura Con coming up in Seattle in late April. Enix is a regular participant in the event, and will once again be there.

Things are definitely brewing in Enix America's Seattle office. Expect some major announcements from them before and at e3, the Electronic Entertainment Expo this coming May.

by Doug Hill    
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