Piers Anthony to Help Create Dragon Empires' Story
Dragon Empires

Codemasters recently conducted a poll in which fans of its upcoming Dragon Empires massively multi player online RPG were to select their favorite fantasy author out of 20 nominees. Bestseller Piers Anthony, known for the Xanth series of fantasy novels, came out as the top candidate.

Anthony will be responsible for the creation of the game's history and on giving names and placement to the many islands, provinces, empires and cultures that together form Fortitude, Dragon Empires' world. In addition, he will write a story that will provide players with an insight into Fortitude's inhabitants and the dragons that inhabit the world as the city peace keepers.

Dragon Empires is a giant, clan-oriented MMORPG that allows players to build their own empires. The game is approaching beta stages and is currently scheduled for a release sometime this year in North America and the United Kingdom.

by Joseph Witham    
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