Metal Dungeon Released in Japan
Metal Dungeon

Panther Software recently released Megal Dungeon in Japan. It is the first RPG to appear on the Xbox in any region of the world. The game is set in a futuristic, metallic world, where technology and magic coexist. Players will find themselves crawling through the various dungeons of this world as they attempt to restore order.

The game allows players to choose one of several cyborg classes that will aid them through their journey. There are mounds of combinations that the player can organize to build a perfect warrior, from the sword wielding Fencer to the firearm-equipped Analyzer to the magically endowed Caster. Battles are played out in a traditional turn-based system with a hint of real-time action.

Megal Dungeon was released on February 28th in Japan; it is unknown at this time whether the game will see a North American release. Check out RPGamer's media coverage on this title for a look at the graphical side of this game.

by Joseph Witham    
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