Namco Wants You to Pulverize Its Characters

If the prospect of taking all sorts of giant robots and smashing them into little bits (as in the Super Robot Wars series) isn't your bag, then perhaps taking all sorts of Namco characters and smashing them into little bits is more your thing. If so, then Bandai has you covered.

The company, which is also responsible for the aforementioned Robot Wars games, has signed a deal with Namco to produce Namco Super Wars, a strategy RPG for the WonderSwan Color, based on its various properties. A complete list of the participants hasn't been released yet, but that is sure to change soon as the Japanese release date looms ever closer.

The Namco reign of character chaos is set to be unleashed on the 25th of April, and importers are looking at a retail price of 4,980 ¥. Expect North American release details soon after pigs take flight (ETA mid July).

by Alex Wollenschlaeger    
Source: [Famitsu]
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