Xbox and Japanese RPGs Apparently No Longer Mutually Exclusive

There have been signs lately that developers are starting to warm to Microsoft's new console, and another encouraging indication of this trend comes in the form of Tenerezza. The title follows in the vein of the Atelier series, starring a young female magician who aspires to greatness. The epynomous heroine has outstanding talent and a bright personality, making her a popular figure in the town. Tenerezza runs an agency, styling herself as "Ms. [Kill]-Anything", a monster hunter extraordinaire. She possesses the power to eradicate many monsters with her magic.

While not too much in the way of plot has been revealed about Tenerezza yet, it is known that the main character will have a winged sidekick, a fairy Lord named Rollo. Besides being distressingly cute, Rollo gets along well with Tenerezza, and will help her in her search for the town's resident heroic adventurer, who goes missing one day. This sets the stage for the game's plot; suddenly, the formerly peaceful town of Esperanza is a dangerous place to be, and the only one who can set things right is Tenerezza.

Despite having revealed very little about the game's mechanics, Aquaplus has indicated that Tenerezza is under heavy development. As a result, the company plans to release Tenerezza sometime this summer in Japan. There is no word on whether a North American release will follow, but this game does not appear to be the type that typically receives a localization. Nevertheless, RPGamer will continue bringing you information on Tenerezza as it becomes available.

by Andrew Long    
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