Guardians Return in Wild ARMs Advanced 3rd
Wild ARMs Advanced 3rd

Like its predecessors, Wild ARMs Advanced 3rd will feature an assemblage of powerful guardians that, once obtained, can be summoned during battles to send opponents home crying. Guardians are called forth in this instance after a special slate is attached to a character's body. Little else regarding how guardians function is known at this time.

Wild ARMs Advanced 3rd, with its unique, cel-shaded graphical stylings, is creeping ever closer to a March 14 release in Japan. A special edition box will retail for 8800 yen (approximately $66.00 US), with the normal package going for a cool 5800 yen (roughly $43.00 US). There is no word of a North American release as of now.

by Michael Henninger    
Source: [Famitsu]
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