Narsillion Demo Released

Korean publisher Grigon Entertainment released the demo of their new action-RPG for the PC, Narsillion, earlier this month. Narsillion features very sharp, cartoonish graphics and full voice-acting, including shouts and battle cries while fighting enemies. All fighting is done in real-time, where the player controls the main character and the computer AI controlls the other three characters in the party. Most characters have a "three-step attack" like that in Phantasy Star Online, with one character being able to perform long-range magic attacks selectable by an in-battle menu.

The demo begins with a party of four characters and the minimum equipment for each character. The equipment can be charged up during battle, and when an attack is released afterward, a special attack will be carried out, with special visual effects. The graphics as a whole are done in a two dimensional, 3/4 perspective seen in many 2-D RPGs. The demo, weighing in at 198 megabytes, is available here, though all text and voices are in Korean. The release date and localization information outside of Japan and Korea is not known at this time.

by Justin Weiss    
Sources: [Game Watch]
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