Enix Rolls Out 2002 Dragon Quest Collectibles

In the rapidly growing field of video game-related merchandise, Enix has been one of the leading providers of all the kitschy knick-knacks collectors could ever want. With a line-up centered around such products as stuffed Slimes and trading cards based on their Dragon Warrior Monsters titles, the company has been able to put together a solid array of gaming-related goodness. This year's selection, announced by Enix this week, will include both Slime and Metal Slime plushies, which in turn come in large and small varieties. The larger size measures 300mm by 300 mm by 270 mm(12 inches by 12 inches by 9 inches), while the smaller slimes will be a little less than half the size of that, at 140mm by 140 mm by 150 mm (a little over 5 inches by 5 inches by 6 inches).

On the card game front, Enix will be releasing the Dragon Quest card game Booster 6, which will go on sale on February 23rd. Booster packs, containing 6 cards, will sell for 180 yen, or approximately $1.35 US, and three separate types of "Medium kits" - character, Slime, and magician sets respectively- will sell for 600 yen apiece, which amounts to $4.50 US. There will also be four new series from the latest Dragon Quest works that will go on sale on March 16th; the Dragon Quest Battle series G18 through G21, which descend in price from 480 yen($3.59 US) for the G18 set to only 300 yen (approximately $2.25 US) for the G21 set.

Meanwhile, the slimes will go on sale on April 3rd, following up on the launch of the card sets. Small slimes will run for 1200 yen, or $8.95 US, while their larger cousins will be a heftier 2800 yen, or $21.00 US. As usual, it is unlikely that any of this merchandise will find its way to North America.

by Andrew Long    
Source: [Famitsu]
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