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When one lists long-running RPG series, Ys is not usually found beside the likes of Final Fantasy, Dragon Warrior, and Phantasy Star. Falcom's Ys series, though commonly overlooked, will be thrust back into the spotlight with a new remake of the first game in the series, Ys Book I. Dubbed Ys I Complete, the game will differ from the older PC remake in its compatibility with Windows 2000 and XP and its release on both CD-ROM and DVD-ROM media.

In addition to the game itself, several "omake" products will be released along with it. These include coasters adorned with Falcom character artwork, available for 480 yen (about $3.58) per pack of three, an Ys CD stand, available for 1200 yen (about $8.95), and a "2-way mat," available for 480 yen (about $3.58), that functions as either a coaster or a mousepad. The more recent games and remakes in the Ys series have not made their way over to North America, and, unfortunately, Ys I Complete looks to be no exception. However, importers looking to get their hands on the game should be able to find it available on March 28th for 3800 yen (about $28.00).

by Justin Weiss    
Sources: [Game Watch]
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