Magna Carta Information Discovered

The number of RPGs coming out of Korea recently is staggering, and one of the more recent, known as Magna Carta, has already caught the eye of gamers outside of Korea. Designed by Softmax, whose RPG Rhapsody of Zephyr received Japanese localization from Falcom, Magna Carta features several characters, each with a fleshed-out backstory. Character design and development is the primary focus of the game.

A very real problem with computer-based RPGs has been the game-crashing bugs, and Magna Carta is unfortuately no exception. The game was shipped with a fatal bug, which was very highly publicized and resulted in a recall. It is unknown as to if Magna Carta will make its way to North America, but is available to import from Japan and Korea.

by Justin Weiss    
Sources: [Game Watch]
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