KFSS Studios Takes Pre-orders for 'Project Majestic Mix'
Project Majestic Mix

KFSS Studios, a team of musicians led by engineer and co-founder Stephen Kennedy, has been working for several years on Project Majestic Mix, an exclusive tribute album to venerated game music composer Nobuo Uematsu. The CD features arranged and remixed versions of 16 Uematsu compositions from the Final Fantasy series, Chrono Trigger and Gun Hazard. The arrangements are said to be stylistically varied while remaining faithful to the compositional core of originals.

Here is the track list:

    1. "Prelude" arr. by Mustin 5:12 (Final Fantasy)
    2. "Final Fantasy I Main Theme" arr. by JAXX and Ailsean 2:06 (FF I)
    3. "Town" arr. by Dale North 3:55 (FF II)
    4. "Rydia" arr. by Matt Stofferahn 5:15 (FF IV)
    5. "Within the Giant" arr. by Stephen Kennedy 7:46 (FF IV)
    6. "Elia, Maiden of Water" arr. by Jonathan Geer 4:05 (FF III)
    7. "Coast of the Sun" arr. by The OneUp Mushrooms 3:47 (FF VII)
    8. "Anxious Heart" arr. by Jan Van Valburg and Stephen Kennedy 5:55 (FF VII)
    9. "Forever Rachel" arr. by Chris Tilton 4:09 (FF VI)
   10. "Cayenne" arr. by Stephen Kennedy 8:03 (FF VI)
   11. "Seymour's Theme" arr. by Mustin 3:38 (FF X)
   12. "The Man with the Machine Gun" arr. by Jan Van Valburg 4:17 (FF VIII)
   13. "Sealed Door" arr. by McVaffe 5:40 (Chrono Trigger)
   14. "Sentinel" arr. by Dale North 3:02 (Gun Hazard)
   15. "You're Not Alone!" arr. by Dale North and Ailsean 2:51 (FF IX)
   16. "Prelude" arr. by Ailsean 4:43 (Final Fantasy)

Pre-orders for the "Silver Disc" edition of Project Majestic Mix are now being taken through AnimeNation. The deadline for pre-ordering is March 31, 2002, after which no additional pressings will be made. Those who are interested can find out more by checking Project Majestic Mix's official Web site.

by Michael Henninger    
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