Dual Hearts Web site Re-launches
Dual Hearts

Sony Computer Entertainment of Japan recently revamped its official Dual Hearts Web site, and it now offers a few downloadable miscellanea related to the game. The first item is a desktop tag (or small drawing) of Baku, a curious, cotton-tailed, floppy-eared creature. The second download features a modish desktop clock with a montage of the game's cast providing a colorful relief. Lastly, SCE has uploaded a promotional movie in Real Audio format.

Additional download contents are to be added to Dual Hearts' official Web site, and as previously reported, the game is creeping closer to its February 14 release in Japan. As far as pricing, the game will cost 5800 yen or approximately $44.00 US. Currently there is no news of a North American localization by any party.

by Michael Henninger    
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