Dragon Quest Monsters Hits Cell Phones
Dragon Quest Monsters

The Dragon Quest games look to conquer yet another device, with the popular creature-raising RPG Dragon Quest Monsters recently released for cellular phones in Japan. For only 300 yen (about $2.26) a month, players can raise their own monsters with which to explore and battle. The game will consist of four main locations - a wooded area, for gaining rare items, a town, for selling those items for money, a "pasture," for training monsters by taking them on trips (though these trips cost money), and an arena, where players can battle other players with their monsters.

The graphics and engine for the game are a near perfect conversion from the Game Boy Color game of the same name, though the game itself would be better described as an "arrangement" rather than a direct port. The cell phone version of Dragon Quest Monsters was officially released on the 28th of January. A release outside of Japan is unlikely, for it would probably require a complete rewrite for North American cell phones. For those inside Japan, however, it is easier than ever to prove oneself to be the best trainer of them all.

by Justin Weiss    
Source: [Game Watch]
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