BioWare, Interplay Settle Differences

Fans of PC RPGs will be pleased to hear the recent news out of Edmonton. Several days ago, it was revealed there that BioWare and Interplay have settled their differences. Under the terms of the agreement, Neverwinter Nights will be published by Infogrames on a worldwide basis, subject to certain pre-existing Interplay licenses. Distribution was the main sticking point in the issue, and with that resolved, other less central matters have also been resolved to the satisfaction of both parties.

The joint CEO of BioWare, Ray Muzyka, said "We're delighted that we have reached an amicable settlement agreement in our dispute with Interplay, and we look forward to completing the development work on Neverwinter Nights and having Infogrames publish this product."

Interplay's president echoed the sentiments of Muzyka, saying "We are very pleased with the outcome of this situation and we are looking forward to a successful and mutally beneficial relationship with Infogrames and BioWare on this and other titles."

With this matter now resolved, BioWare can turn its attention to the matter of putting the finishing touches on its title. Neverwinter Nights was previously planned for a release in the first quarter of 2002; whether any changes to that date will be made is unclear at this point, but expect RPGamer to continue following news surrounding this game. Thanks to Timothy Collett for the heads-up.

by Andrew Long    
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