Eidos Unveils New Label

Eidos Interactive, developer of a number of popular PlayStation titles, has announced a new brand name geared exclusively towards bringing high-quality Japanese titles to an international audience. The label, named "Fresh Games", will kickstart its production in the very near future, with the announcement of three titles for the PlayStation 2 that will be available by spring of this year. Mister Mosquito, Mad Maestro, and, perhaps of greatest interest to RPGamers, Legend of Legaia 2: Duel Saga, will be Fresh's inaugural offerings.

This comes as welcome news to fans of 1999's Legend of Legaia, which featured fighter-style moves in battle sequences and a rich storyline. Duel Saga offers the same dynamic battles with an even greater level of complexity. Players can link together to form combination attacks, which then result in more powerful, magic-based combos.

Fresh Games has yet to provide a more detailed timeline other than their spring estimate for all three titles. RPGamer will bring you coverage of Duel Saga's release as more information becomes available.

by Andrew Long    
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