Enix to Port Dragon Quest Monsters Collection to PSone

Enix will port its popular Dragon Quest Monsters series for the Game Boy Color to the PSone console this spring in Japan. The collection, entitled Dragon Quest Monsters I & II, will be comprised of all three games previously released in North America and Japan. The first, Terry's Wonderland, is known simply as Dragon Warrior Monsters in North America. The second is Martha's Mysterious Keys: Iru's Adventure and Ruka's Journey, which are two versions of Dragon Warrior Monsters II known as Tara's Adventure and Cobi's Journey domestically.

The graphics of this PSone remake, while still 2-D, will bear marked improvements over the GBC's visuals, and the gameplay will be augmented with scenarios not found in the original versions. The game is also compatible with the i-Mode adapter for PSone, allowing players to upload monsters to the i-Mode cellular phone version, Dragon Quest Monsters i, which is primed for a January 28 release in Japan.

by Michael Henninger    
Source: [The Magicbox]
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