Dragon Riders: Chronicles of Pern Coming to Europe
Dragon Riders: Chronicles of Pern

Bigben Interactive, one of Europe's leading independent distributors of interactive entertainment, has signed an exclusive distribution deal with Ubi Soft Entertainment, granting them the rights to bring four Ubi Soft Dreamcast titles to Europe. One of those titles, Dragon Riders: Chronicles of Pern, may bring a smile to RPG fans in the United Kingdom--thus far the only European territory where the game is to be distributed--when it is released February 8, 2002.

Bigben Interactive specializes in distribution within the Dreamcast market and has already signed similar contracts with Sega and Capcom. Sega's Phantasy Star Online V2.0 is currently scheduled by the company for a March 1, 2002 release in Europe.

by Michael Henninger    
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