Lunar PC Bites the Dust; New PSone Disc Art Revealed to Compensate

Working Designs, after years of tinkering with their flagship title Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete, has pulled the plug on the project, deeming the litany of fixes, patches, changes and testing to be too onerous to warrant continued development. The biggest problem was stability; the company was unable to arrive at an acceptably bug-free version of the game. Fans of the company's infamous throw-ins will also be dismayed to learn that no Alex hand puppets other than the manufacturing samples already created will be made.

Having now axed this project, Working Designs is touting their limited re-release of L:SSSC for the PSone. Information leaked from Electronics Boutique confirmed this re-release previously, but until now, details had been scanty. This limited version will include new disc art by Armen Madirossian, a frequent fanart submitter. Speculation that the game would come without the many extras the original release contained have proven to be on the mark; the game will ship with a slimmed-down manual. On the upside, it will retail for less than $35.00 US, so gamers will take less of a hit in the financial department. Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete will be available once more sometime in late February.

by Andrew Long    
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