Final Fantasy: Love Will Grow
Final Fantasy: Love Will Grow

Risa Ohki returns in the second Final Fantasy Vocal Collection cd better than ever. With yet even more remixed songs in several different languages such as English, Japanese, French, and Portuguese, this cd is yet another one no one can miss out on. With the first two out and with great success, perhaps a Vocal Collection III will come soon.

Genre: Remix Musician: Nobuo Uematsu and Risa Ohki
Time / Tracks 42:46 / 11 Publisher: Square
Cost: 3000 YEN Release Date: 11.12.95

Screen Shots: The CD.
The Tracks:
1. Long Distance
2. Yuukyuu no Kaze
3. Have You Ever Seen Me?
4. Valse des Amoureux
5. Gaia
6. Tooihino Nagori
7. Harukanaru Kokyou
8. Estrelas
9. Kami no Yurikago
10. Love Will Grow
11. The Prelude
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