Final Fantasy VI: Grand Finale
Final Fantasy VI: Grand Finale

In the sixth installment of the series, Final Fantasy VI had some memorable songs that were remixed. Grand Finale, fully orchestrated, shows the power of these songs in an eleven track cd. One of it's best features is the opera with the real lyrics, Aria De Mezzo Caraterre.

Genre: Remix Musician: Nobuo Uematsu
Time / Tracks 54:26 / 11 Publisher: Square
Cost: 3000 YEN Release Date: 5.25.94

The Tracks:
1. Tina
2. Cefca
3. The Mystic Forest
4. Gau
5. Milano de Chocobo
6. Troops March On
7. Kids Run Through the City Corner
8. Blackjack
9. Relm
10. The Mystery Train
11. Aria de Mezzio Caraterre
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