Final Fantasy V: Dear Friends
Final Fantasy V: Dear Friends

Final Fantasy V: Dear Friends, like it's predecessor Final Fantasy IV: Celtic Moon, is remixed in a gorgeous way. Nobuo did not team up with anyone to make this cd like most of his remix cds. Played by a Finnish band, the cd features some well peiced songs with some having lyrics.

Genre: Remix Musician: Nobuo Uematsu
Time / Tracks 55:57 / 14 Publisher: Square
Cost: 2500 YEN Release Date: March 1994

The Tracks:
1. Ahead On Our Way
2. Lenna's Theme
3. Pirate's Ahoy!
4. Critter Tripper Fritter
5. Intention of the Earth
6. Home Sweet Home
7. The Land Unknown
8. Tenderness in the Air
9. Waltz Suomi
10. Fate in Haze
11. As You Feel, I Feel
12. Musica Machina
13. Music Bpx
14. Dear Friends
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