Final Fantasy IV: Celtic Moon
Final Fantasy IV: Celtic Moon

Nobuo Uematsu and Maria Bhreatnach team up to create one of the most unique remix CDs of the Final Fantasy series. Straying from the orchestral path, the two use a full celtic band to delve into the emotion of Final Fantasy IV's soundtrack. With such memorable songs as "Illusionary World" and "Tororian Beauty", Final Fantasy IV: Celtic Moon combines the traditional and beautiful Celtic flavor with Final Fantasy IV's mystic realm.

Genre: Remix Musician: Nobuo Uematsu and Marie Bhreatnach
Time / Tracks 52:37 / 15 Publisher: Square
Cost: 2500 YEN Release Date: 10.28.91

The Tracks:
1. The Prelude
2. Prologue...
3. Chocobo-Chocobo
4. Into the Darkness
5. Main Theme
6. Welcome To Our Town!
7. Theme of Love
8. Melody of Lute
9. Palom and Porom
10. Giott, The Great King
11. Dancing Calobrena
12. Mystic Mysidia
13. Illusionary World
14. Rydia
15. Tororian Beauty
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