Final Fantasy III: Original Sound Version
Final Fantasy III: Original Sound Version

Final Fantasy III, the second Original Sound Version, proves to show Nobuo Uematsu's rising influence upon the series. With some memorable tracks such as "Elia, Maiden of the Water" and "This is the Last Battle", Final Fantasy III does anything but bore. The last of the Nintendo Final Fantasys, this would be the last time Nobuo has to use the Nintendo style music for his games.

Genre: Original Sound Version Musician: Nobuo Uematsu
Time / Tracks 54:46 / 44 Publisher: Square
Cost: 2000 YEN Release Date: 7.15.91

The Tracks:
1. The Prelude
2. Crystal Cave
3. Battle 1 - Fanfare
4. Crystal Room
5. Opening Theme
6. My Home Town
7. Eternal Wind
8. Jinn, The Fire
9. The Dungeon
10. Return of the Warrior
11. The Way to the Top
12. Cute Little Tozas
13. Shrine of Nept
14. Sailing Enterprise
15. Living Forest
16. Time Remains
17. Chocobos!
18. Big Chocobos!
19. Tower of Owen
20. Veggies of Geasal
21. Castle of Hain
22. Battle 2
23. The Requiem
24. Go Above the Clouds!
25. The Endless Ocean
26. Elia, Maiden of the Water
27. Town of Water
28. Let's Play the Piano!
29. Let's Play the Piano Again!
30. Swift Twist
31. Good Ol' Fellows
32. In the Covert Town
33. Salonia
34. Deep Under the Water
35. Beneath the Horizon
36. Let Me Know the Truth
37. Lute of Noah
38. Good Morning!
39. The Invincible
40. Forbidden Land
41. The Crystal Tower
42. The Dark Crystals
43. This is the Last Battle
44. The Everlasting World
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