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22.09.02 - White Pony

I'm really happy about the response I got in terms of songs. This week we've got a great mix of genres, from orchestral to metal. Unfortunatly, no one came to meet my remake challenge, that being a bluegrass remake of some RPG song that doesn't sound like it would normally work as a bluegrass song (of course, I didn't get any bluegrass-style songs) so the bluegrass remake challenge still stands for this week.

Also it seems no one figured out the title for this past week's title, and since I'm not going to use a title twice, I'll go ahead and say from where it was. "Tempus Vernum" is a song from Enya's latest album, A Day Without Rain. Hopefully someone will get this week's title, and to give a hint, this one is a full 180° from last week's (I don't think anyone is that tone deaf to not get it)

One minor thing about submissions (not that you could have known before hand though): Please include the name by which you wish for me to post, as well as the song name, the game from which the song comes, and your own breif description (I'm looking for about two to three sentences in all) of your song, whether that be how you did, what you felt about it, etc. Kudos to this week's musicians for replying to my request for information so very promptly. Which brings me to the next thing to mention...

As you may have noticed, Sound Test has a new look. I'm relatively sure this is the way its going to stay while I'm around, so if you have any comments on it, please contact me. Scarmiglion, for several reasons, is not going to be able to work on the archives anymore, and the work he's done unfortunatly has been lost, so I've started redoing the archives myself. You can see my progress in the sidebar at the top of the page. I'm going to go chronologically backwards by half-years at a time, so as I finish each one you will be able to view the archives for that time period. I hope to get this all done by mid-October, so please hang in there for me.

Matthew "guifa" Stuckwisch

Music Submissions -

This week's audio picks
Journey of Solitude (Dragon Quest)
Russel Cox

" . . . yet, while I wander on this journey I can't help but think about the exhuberance I had so long ago. It seems like an eternity since this whole damn idealistic crusade began and I wonder constantly; is this it? Will this never end? . . . . or am I to die all alone, a forgotten memory in the pages of history? The very thought terrifies me more than the danger that lies at the end . . . "

This is an arrangement of "Unknown World" for all of those 'oldskool' fans from Dragon Quest/Warrior. All comments, suggestions, and reviews are always welcome.

Inverted Silence: Hymn to Death Mountain (The Legend of Zelda)
Jim Kang

This is a metal cover of a couple of themes from Zelda, mostly the music from Level 9, as well as a breakdown that I came up with. For those that are interested, here's my website

Forgotten Daze (Suikoden)

This is a melodic trance take on the song "Forgotten Days" from the Suikoden OST. Melodic, atmospheric, energetic, with a break beat section and a great piano melody. The original track had samples of birds, so I added some samples I recorded myself at a zoo. I also recorded monkeys screaming as they fought at the zoo, so I added that at the end of the song for good measure. Enjoy!

Zeal Island (ChronoTrigger)
L. Spiro

This one took me about six hours to make and I tried to make it as long as the version you hear on the original soundtrack for Chrono Trigger (two full repeats and then fade). It is General MIDI compliant and is the last song I will write that is so.

The Nightmare's Beginning (Final Fantasy VII)
L. Spiro

This took a few minutes to make because all I did was record myself playing it. The only modification I made was at the end of the first verseóin the original, the guitar cuts and you hear a high-pitched string noise for two bars. Since I was only playing the guitar part, it would have sounded awkward for me to include two bars of silence and then start playing again.

Melodies of Life (Final Fantasy IX)
kid tracker

I haven't submitted at RPGamer before but I'm a pretty good midi tracker. Here's a remix that I whipped up. Also, my website is here
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