Sound Test - 15.09.02

15.09.02 - Tempus Vernum

So Scarmiglion is going to be unable to continue doing updates. Don't worry, he'll still be lurking around the site fixing up the lovely archives, but from now to some point as yet undetermined (a long while, don't worry) I'll be doing the updates to the Sound Test section.

In the transition from Scar to myself, we didn't get any submissions (or at least any that made it through that great big thing known as "cyber-space") so if you've done anything since Scarmiglion's last update, send it in. Unlike most previous updaters, I will update the section once a week, submissions or not. So don't worry about not being able to see your stuff for over a week, it will take at most one week, assuming you send it in the day of an update.

And now for my quick little introduction on myself and music so you know that there is someone somewhat musically inclined back here. I play trombone and euphonium in the local concert band, which incidently holds the Sudler Flag of Honor (the highest honor a band can get). I listen to all types of music, but shy away a tad from country, that's just me, but you'll find in my library of music things ranging from classical, various forms of pop, celtic, and hard rock, to opera, conceptual rock, electronica, and totally unclassifiable stuffs. And I love remixes, along with mashes (mixing vocals from one song with instrumentals from another). Oh yeah, I also sing in a Latin choir (not Latino beat music, but Latin Latin singing, like Gregorian chants.

In other words, I will most likely enjoy anything you throw at me, or at the very least be able to appreciate it if it happens to be in one of those few areas of music of which I'm not the greatest fan. Actually, I'm going to put out a remake challenge. I want to see if anyone can make me a bluegrass remake of some RPG song that doesn't seem like it would work in said genre. There, you have been challenged, go, compose!

Like others before me, I'm going to title my updates on whatever I might be listening to while updating. This week should be fairly easy, it's a recent release by a well known artist.

Matthew "guifa" Stuckwisch

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