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22.07.02 - Departure

I've got to be honest, this wasn't what I was planning on putting up for my update today. Before going to work last night (I work nights), I had planned on getting the contest pages up, and opening it up. However, that's not what's going to happen.

This is my final update (or whatever you wish to call it) as maintainer of this section. Time has caught up to me, and it looks like it's going to win over me. I loved doing this section, but I can't say continuing could possibly be feasible for me.

Once a new maintainer has been selected, my only activity in this section will be continuing work on the archives and the individual game pages (which should be a breeze now that I have an automated system I'm debugging. I may also contribute to other parts of the site, but other than that, I'm finished.

I'd like to thank all the other staff members for having me around (and putting up with me), over the last few years. Starting as a media person, moving to Editorials, taking time off, and then coming back for this section has given me lots of things to remember.

For those who have any interest on watching what I do after now, I do have my webpage, which I will try to keep updated and improving. Also, anybody who wants to contact me can via email at, or via IRC (EsperNet - see the RPGamer IRC FAQ). My nick is usually Scarmiglion...the hard part is finding me! ;P

I guess that's all.

Rob 'Scarmiglion' Parton

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