Sound Test - 10.07.02

10.07.02 - Tangency

This is one of my few days off work, and it's going to be spent chopping wood for update.

If you hadn't already read here, or at the Majestic Mix site, they're developing a new album, entitled SQUAREDANCE. I can't wait :9

For those who want to know the status of the archives, I have made this incredibly simple, but handy, graphic!

38/117 Complete!

Just a reminder that these pages go back to when RPGamer was just beginning, and the many many formats the page has gone through (ok, 3 formats, but a lot of inconsistency) This includes going back, fixing dead links (too many of them), and a few others. I haven't even touched the actual game archive pages yet (at last 300 pages if not more).

Expect an actual update (*gasp*) in about two weeks, as I have booked most of that week off so I can actually get some work here done! Warcries will be starting then also. Until then, compose/sequence/remix!

Rob 'scrimigion or whatever' Parton

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