Sound Test - 24.05 .02

24.05.02 - Warcries

Dun Dun Dun!

Back again, and this time with lots of news. Instead of a long introduction, let us get to the chase! First of all, you'll see some new additions below.

New Competition: RPGamer Warcries Competition is ready to roll! Contest Rules and prize list will be up next update.

Featured Submissions: As submissions come in, any of excellent quality (in any area) will become an FS. Why is it good? Because after every 15 Featured Submissions, there will be a random drawing out of those 15 for a prize*! This prize will vary from draw to draw, but could be a game, a soundtrack, a gift certificate...just about anything I can get my hands on! Hopefully, this will encourage contributors to spend extra time on their work to come up with some really REALLY good pieces.

Soundtrack Listings: This was an old feature, but now it's been upgraded. You'll now be able to find soundtrack information for a game under the game's main page in RPGamer's Games section. This is a Work in Progress. We have quite a bit of info done, we just need to plug it into the site. :P

Soundtrack Reviews: As the OST listings grow, reviews on the albums will be going up too. These reviews are linked at the bottom of each album's page, and will also be linked on the following Sound Test update.

* Note: Because of RPGamer policy, prize awards follow the site's standard contest rules.

Rob 'Scarmiglion' Parton

Music Submissions -

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  • Golden Sun
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Soundtrack Listings
Front Mission 3
»Original Sound Version.
Featured Submissions
Final Fantasy X
»To Zanarkand Once Again by Trptcox

Trptcox has done an excellent job of converting this from piano-only to an orchestral arrangement. In many ways, it surpasses the original version. A great job of showing off what this song could be. Ending the arrangement with the original piano piece is a perfect finish.

Lunar Series
Lunar Toccata and Fugue by Wings over Dagenham
»Thematic Guide, Toccata, Fugue and Arranger's Notes (Text)

Can't say much more than 'Wow'. Good work. I hope to be able to hear a better recording of it in the future.

»Digital Remixes by Doby Gillis
Legend of Dragoon
»Legend of Dragoon Dope.



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