Sound Test - 04.04.02

20.04.02 - Devil Shed

Urgh, I hate being offline for a week.

A lot has happened to me personally this week. For one thing, I got a job! Now I can finally get a dedicated line so I can do this faster. ^_^

I'm impressed with the number of new contributors. It makes me all warm and tingly inside. Either that, or it's heartburn. Keep up the good work, and I hope if you're someone thinking about contributing and haven't before, that you'll consider it. It's a great way to get your music out and into the hands of listeners who like this genre.

I'm still working on the new contest, hoping we'll get some prizes for it soon. That being said, if you're someone in the industry, it'd be good advertising to donate a prize (or two) for the contest. ;)

I'm a boring read, so here's this update's submissions!

Rob 'Scarmiglion' Parton

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