Sound Test - 04.04.02

04.04.02 - NOJOKE's already been 2 weeks!

The last two weeks have occupied me with mostly stuff you can't see yet, and finding a job. Actually I should call that looking, because I haven't found one yet! The stuff you can't see yet will be able to be seen soon, though!

The title of updates from now on will be the name of the song I'm listening to at the time of posting the update. If you think you know, email me so I can put your name up!

Some other stuff of note:

  • The last day for Project Majestic Mix Gold Set payments has come and gone! I hope as many people got them as possible!
  • Some people have been asking lately about having a messageboard for this section. This idea is being discussed right now, I'll let you know on any decisions when they happen.
  • A new competition is on its way! The official announcement will happen in about a month (early May). I'm currently working on getting some prizes for the top 3 entrants. I'm also working on what kind of compo it's going to be! Watch the section for more details!

I've been getting a lot of MIDI submissions lately, a lot of them from new contributors! I'm really pleased that people are starting to step up to the plate. Congratulations! I've cleared my inbox (submissions received through email) and now I can get back to work on submissions that were linked. Speaking of that, I need to write up that policy...

And remember, stop by #rpgmusic on EsperNet! (be sure to read the RPGamer IRC FAQ first!)

Now I have to go plot the demise of my DnD Campaign PCs. Later!

Rob 'Scarmiglion' Parton

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»MIDI Remixes by Matthew Whitehead
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»Slide Show Part I.
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Final Fantasy VIII
»The Spy.

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