Sound Test - 03.13.02
03.13.02 - Chipweek

The last five days have sucked. Badly. The storm that crossed the east coast last weekend knocked out our power for almost four days. That's a lot of time and work to catch up on.

This week brings an oddity. A very very large one. It speaks for itself. I'm using this as this week's update for two reasons. One, there are a nice number of files. Two, it made me laugh, since it was the first thing I saw in my inbox after three days of nothing but playing cards to candlelight. Don't expect me to do this very often, if at all in the future.

If you've wanted to talk to contributors, or you're a contributor that wants to talk to others, #rpgmusic is now open! Check out the RPGamer IRC FAQ, and drop by #rpgmusic. This also gives an alternate way for you submitters to get your files to me.

Watch the site in the near future, as soundtrack reviews are about to make a comeback!

Enjoy this week.

Rob 'Scarmiglion' Parton

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Music Notes
The following scribings are notes from the composers about their featured pieces in the updates. Their email addresses can be found next to their contributions, found below.

   A collection of seventeen chiptunes, all put into one tidy ZIP file. "Seventeen?!", I hear you bay furiously, "I see fifteen! FIFTEEN." Indeed. But our ZIP rewards your custom by giving you two extra (non-RPG) chip remixes, and some other things. Just get it, it's 180k fer chrissakes. I ASK YOU!

»Digital Remixes by Dennis Mott
Chrono Trigger
»Singing Mountain likes chips.
Final Fantasy IV
»Chocobo likes chips.
Final Fantasy VI
»Mog likes chips.
»Rachel Forever likes chips.
Final Fantasy VII
»Chocobo Elevator.
»On that day, 5 years ago likes chips.
»Underneath the Rotting Pizza likes chips.

»Digital Remixes by Gwilym Wogan
Final Fantasy IV
»Chocobo Forest likes chips.
Final Fantasy VI
»Dark World likes chips.
Final Fantasy VII
»Cid likes chips.
»Sephiroth likes chips.
»Sick Cloud likes chips.
»Vincent likes chips.
Final Fantasy VIII
»The Mission likes chips.
»Ultimecia likes chips.

The Entire Chipweek Archive (180kb)


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