Sound Test - 03.08.02
03.08.02 - The Nightmare's Beginning

This week is a busy one. Most importantly, are some News items, then the rest is the normal update.

  • From Project Majestic Mix, individuals who donated to the project, and are entitled to a Gold Disc Set, you must have your payment for the set in by March 31st. It's well worth it, don't miss out!
  • From Me, I'd like to remind contributors to let me know when you're going to submit either a) a large submission, or b) a lot of smaller submissions. Don't submit them until after I've returned your notification mail. Yesterday, I got a 15mb submission (which is great), but I didn't know beforehand, and it killed my whole inbox on the mail server I use.
  • I've had some suggestions about either a messageboard, or an IRC channel for contributors and fans to talk about the section and music in general. If you have any suggestions or comments, email me.

This is for contributors. From now on, if you plan on submitting anything larger than 5 MB, email me. I will email you back, and then you can send it. I lost everything in my inbox, because a few people sent in a large volume of submissions in a short time. This also means, if you've submitted something that hasn't been processed by now, you have to re-submit it. Make sure you mail me beforehand if it's large. As well, is applies to submissions per week. If you're submitting more than one thing, and combined they're greater than 5 MB, email me. I really hate doing this, but it's the only way I can be assured my inbox isn't going to go to hell and back again.

Finally, the really important stuff. There has been a lot of mail coming in about missing pages in the /music directory of this site. Long story short, I'm currently going through all the past updates, fixing links, as well as fixing links on all the other pages. There are 117 updates to redo, let alone every game's page. I'm going as fast as I can, but recently (in the last week), my health hasn't been too great (lung problems resurfaced). Please, if there is a broken link in /music, IGNORE IT. Stuffing the webmaster inbox and mine won't make them go away faster (it slows it down, actually). However, if there are problems elsewhere (in the individual game pages), let us know.

That's it.

Rob 'Scarmiglion' Parton

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  • Golden Sun
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None this update.

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Megaman Battle Network
»Title Theme by Mathew Valente.
»Battle Theme by Mathew Valente.

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Final Fantasy
»Dead End by Novalon.
Megaman Battle Network
»Battle Theme by Mathew Valente.
»Kokoro Piano Version by Jeff Kerr.

»Recollection - [Guitar Tab] by DarkCecil.


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