Sound Test - 02.09.02
02.09.02 - The Stage Is Set

Well, the door has been closed, and entry into the Variations competition is over. If it wasn't in my inbox this morning, the submission will be considered a normal submission unless you specify otherwise. If your submission was late, I will email to let you know.

In other big news, welcome to Sound Test! This layout will cover the entire section. In the next while, there might be some broken links...( as if there weren't any before ). As sections are completed, they will be linked on the side. So far, Competitions, Guidelines, and Interviews have been completely switched over.

New Sound Test updater guidelines have been finished, which specify where different types of mixes go. In the future, if a remix is more than one song, it will live in the MP3 Remixes area, otherwise it will live in RPGamer's main archive for that game. Lyrics and sheet music for a game will reside in the new "Soundtracks" section of the game archive also.

Soundtrack Reviews are about to get a good shot in the arm. It is becoming a sub-section of Sound Test, and will have their own pages in RPGamer's game archive under the "Soundtracks" link. This will include soundtrack song listings, arranged soundtrack listings, reviews for both, and the before-mentioned lyrics and sheet music/tablature. I will begin accepting reader soundtrack impressions probably at the start of April.

I hope you all like the changes and new structure. I hope to have this more or less permanent very soon. Enjoy this week's large collection of Secret of Mana piano sheets, next week's update will feature the results to the Variations Competition!

Rob 'Scarmiglion' Parton

Music Submissions -

Recent Updates
Archive Progress
Ten percent complete
Most Wanted
    • Ephemeral Fantasia
    • Golden Sun
    • Lyrics
    • Final Fantasy (Wonder Swan Color additions)
    • Guitar Tabs & Sheets
    • Zelda: Ages
    • Suikoden 1 & 2
    • Diablo II
Music Notes
The following scribings are notes from the composers about their featured pieces in the updates. Their email addresses can be found next to their contributions, found below.

Not much talking this week...
Track Quiz
Nobody guessed last week's caption of "Questionable Century" which is from Breath of Fire III. This week's is pretty easy however...
»MP3 Remixes
Final Fantasy VII
»The Gold Saucer by Marspen50.

»Digital Remixes
»Chocomobo says Hello to Rob Parton by RPWC (est. 1937).
»MIDI Remixes
Golden Sun
»Forest Theme by SaxxonPike.

Chrono Cross
»Magical Dreamers - [Guitar Tab] by Adam Estabrook.
Final Fantasy Tactics
»Invasion - [Piano Sheets] by Teiohx.
Secret of Mana
»Phantom and the Rose - [Piano Sheets] by Teiohx.
»Pureland - [Piano Sheets] by Teiohx.
»Into the Thick of It - [Piano Sheets] by Teiohx.
»Ceremony - [Piano Sheets] by Teiohx.
»Eternal Recurrence - [Piano Sheets] by Teiohx.


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