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11.06.01 - Ruins of Moondoria

Sigh, this update should have been up on Thursday, 11-01. Sorry about that, but I had a few things come up. First was the Work, Sleep, Homework, Work, Sleep, Class, Homework, Work, Sleep thing that made Wednesday, Thursday, and half of Friday vanish. Saturday, VGMusic got a new server, and I spent a good portion of the weekend preparing it. However, the new server won't be put to use until the beginning of next month due to some negotiations with VGMusic's present host, Telefragged.

I know the question on everyone's mind: "Who won Audible Vortex?". I wish I could say, but only 3/5 judges have turned in their scoresheets. Three is the minimum number of judges to complete the contest. By that token, if the remaining two judges do not have their scoresheets in by Tuesday, November 13th, I will simply drop them instead of dropping the lowest and highest scores for each entry. Scores should be posted Thursday, November 15th, at the latest.

Once Audible Vortex is completed, it's time for spring cleaning! The Archives are considerably out of date, and my next task is to bring them back under control.

Two more things:

  1. It has come to my attention that some visitors would like me to make comments on each song I receive, just like DJ Pretzel does at Overclocked Remix. Email me whether or not you think this is a good, and why.
  2. How do you think I am doing as RPGamer's music editor? Good? Bad? Email me with what you think, and more important, suggestions to improve the Sound Cave.

  • Most Wanted

  • The Sound Cave Most Wanted:

    Diablo II
    Final Fantasy (Wonder Swan Color additions)
    Skies of Arcadia
    Suikoden 1 & 2
    Valkyrie Profile

  • Music Notes
  • The following scribings are notes from the composers about their featured pieces in the updates. Their email addresses can be found next to their contributions, found below.

    MP3 Remixes

    "The Sealed Door" (Chrono Trigger) by Trptcox
    In this arrangement I needed to do something different and I've tried a more ambient approach to create a dark and moody atmosphere. I look back now and see very few arrangements on this song and decided to do something about it.

    "Northern Beath of Ganbo" (Grandia) by Dale North
    I was surfing RPGamer Sound Cave and noticed that Grandia was on the most wanted list. Good News. I just finished a Grandia Arrangement.
    This is part 2 of my 3 part piano and strings tribute to my 3 musicial heroes: Yasunori Mitsuda, Noriyuki Iwadare, and Motoi Sakuraba. My first one (Dale of the Wind Xenogears Mix) was also submitted earlier.

    "Radical Dreamers" (Chrono Cross) by Charcoal
    My friend (Brandon Trent) sent me a midi file and two lines of lyrics (Just when you think everything's going fine, Just when you think everything is perfection) and said he was working on the lyrics. I offered to help and so, it got lyrics and a recording. I'm still working on better singing quality but I haven't had much time in the studio with my busy life, so the recording attached is the best I got. Anyway, I haven't been able to track down the origin of the midi (which is mixed in with my vocal) to give proper credit to its creator, cause it's damn good and deserves the credit. I edited it in NoteWorthy Composer to mute the flute/vocal tracks so they didn't interfere with my own voice.

    "Aeris' Theme (Remix)" (Final Fantasy VII) by Mecha Master Bill
    This was synthesized using my BRAND NEW ROLAND RS-9!!! As I was checking out its different voices, I noticed a "Piano+Choir" voice with a piano and a delayed choir all in one (it sounds exactly like something Enya would use). I figured Aeris' theme would sound great with it, so I added some harp and string sections and that was it! Oh, and it also contains portions of Prelude, modified to fit the chord pattern of Aeris' theme...

    "Second Opening" (Wild Arms 2) by DJEldeel
    Of my myriad of remixes, I'd definitely have to choose this as one of my favorites, it's a fantastic song...Michiko Naruke rules! The song is from Wild Arms 2's Disc 2 opening. My remix is drastically different from the original's harsher and bolder sensation, as my remix centers on softer textures...soft flutes, bells, piano, acoustic guitar, soft strings. For those who haven't heard WA 2 music, check this out, then get out the incredible original soundtrack.

    Midi Composition

    Digital Music

    "Compression of Time" (Final Fantasy VIII) by John McCormick
    Random Thoughts this time? well... a very nice, quick project was this. It is quite refreshing to go back to the simplicity of game music transcription after trying to get that 4 strings arrangement of Fragment of Memories from Potion. Yes, game music is much, much easier. Anyway, enjoy!

  • Current Competitions

  • Audible Vortex

    Click the logo or go here to read about it. Note: Entries are no longer being accepted.

    3/5 judges have completed their scoresheets. If the last two don't finish by November 13th (next Tuesday), I am going to post scores based on the judges that have completed.

    Music Compo 2001: Audible Vortex

  • Weekly Silliness
  • "Meridian Child" was the opening song to Seiken Densetsu 3. Due to an error on my part, for the first day the new update was up, it said "Meridian Dance" on the main page instead of "Meridian Child". The one person who told me where Meridian Dance was from (The last boss of Secret of Mana/Seiken Densetsu 2) also gets mentioned here.

    David LaRoss
    Brandon Daiker
    Almighty Cheese & Bishounen Goddess Shosetsu

    ICQ - 775498
    Ross Bemrose
    Music Submissions -

    Sound Cave Navigation
    Resonance from the Cave

    MP3 Remixes

    Chrono Cross - Radical Dreamers by Mike P. Bullian/Charcoal.
    Chrono Trigger - The Sealed Door by Trptcox.

    Final Fantasy
    Final Fantasy VII - Aeris' Theme (Remix) by Mecha Master Bill.
    Final Fantasy VIII - Boss Remix by DJ Eldeel.

    Grandia - Northern Beach of Ganbo by Dale North.

    Wild Arms
    Wild Arms - Wild Arms Filgaian Fall by DJ Eldeel.
    Wild Arms 2 - Wild Arms 2 Second Opening by DJ Eldeel.

    Midi Composition

    Final Fantasy
    Final Fantasy VI - Coin Song - Piano by Daniel Verrill / K0ku.

    Digital Music

    Final Fantasy
    Final Fantasy VIII - Compression of Time by John McCormick.

    Xenogears - Dazil - City of Burning Sands by SFLaValle.

    Tablature, Sheet Music, and Etc


    Final Fantasy
    Final Fantasy VII - Sector 5 Slum by BassD


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