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08.10.01 - A Game Divine?

Okay, playin it smart this time around. Next week I will not be in town, and there will be no music update. Sorry!

Headin' to New Orleans to see a good friend of mine that moved out that way just over a year ago. So, if anyone's gonna be chillin on Burbon Street next Wednesday-Friday night and you see a long haired freaky hippie in all black, please don't injure me. Hey, buy me a beer and I'll give you props in the following weeks update! ;)

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  • The Sound Cave Most Wanted:

    Diablo II
    Final Fantasy (Wonder Swan Color additions)
    Skies of Arcadia
    Suikoden 1 & 2
    Valkyrie Profile

  • Music Notes
  • The following scribings are notes from the composers about their featured pieces in the updates. Their email addresses can be found next to their contributions, found below.

    MP3 Remixes

    "Actraiser Bloodpool" (Actraiser) by DJ Eldeel
    Here's a remix to the popular Actraiser Bloodpool, it's a neoclassical remix with organic sounds, various strings and drums. Those who've heard my previous works should be able to trace some definitive musical and instrumental styles ;).

    "Beginning and Aquarius" (Castlevania) by DJ Eldeel
    This is a two part mix of Castlevania's Beginning and Aquarius. Highlight instruments include; the first part is a hard-edge rock, drum and string mix, with the latter remix moving into a semi-calm state of guitar, harmonica, pizz's and drums. This song in my opinion has something for everyone, hope you all enjoy it.

    "Dreaming of the Shore" (Soul Blazer) by DJ Eldeel
    This songs is perhaps the most recognized one of the entire game. While the composer did an excellent job, I always thought that something else could be done with it. So, this is how the song sounds using some of my creative thinking . . . Enjoy!

    "You're Not Alone (Update)" (Final Fantasy 9) by Salivator
    Paul D. Godgets' recent re-remixing of this song(which I have no problems with) has returned my attention to it. And it's only now, several months after its initial release, that I realize I forgot something. Nothing drastically changed in this version, just a little flourish that I was going to put in at the end but left out because I'm an idiot (actually, it's just one measly little note). I guess that's what I get for being lazy and just copying and pasting patterns. :P

  • Creation Tips
  • No Creation Tips for this week. :P
  • Current Competitions

  • Audible Vortex

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    Music Compo 2001: Audible Vortex

  • Weekly Silliness
  • No one exactly got last week's song title, but I was made aware that Skinny Puppy did a song called Worlock; off the 'Rabies' disc. A friend of mine made me a cd that has a song called Worlock on it, done by Nine Inch Nailes and Marylin Manson.

    But kudos anyway to the chap below who informed me of the SP tune.


    ICQ - 67704601
    Matt Scipione
    Music Submissions -

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    Resonance from the Cave

    MP3 Remixes

    Actraiser Bloodpool by DJ Eldeel.

    Original Theme by Bobby.
    Beginning and Aquarius by DJ Eldeel.

    Chrono Cross - Dreaming of the Shore by Trptcox.

    Currently Unavailable
    Chrono Trigger - Schala's Theme by Brian Best.

    Final Fantasy
    Final Fantasy 9 - You're Not Alone (Update) by Salivator.

    Midi Composition

    Final Fantasy
    Final Fantasy 8 - Compression of Time by Jeffrey Copperthite.
    Final Fantasy 9 - Treno by Jeffrey Copperthite.
    Final Fantasy 9 - Zidane's Theme by Jeffrey Copperthite.

    Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger - Prelude & To Far Away Times by James K.

    Soul Blazer
    Soul Blazer - Village Theme by Ethelion.

    Digital Music

    Final Fantasy
    Final Fantasy 9 - You're Not Alone (Update) by Salivator.

    Tablature, Sheet Music, and Etc


    Final Fantasy
    Final Fantasy Tactics - Theme by Derek Hicks.

    Parasite Eve
    Parasite Eve - Main Theme by Brian.


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