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04.21.01 - Jardin de Cecile

I'm depressed. Since the fiasco with eFront, a /lot/ of the music files were restored with naming convention errors. As I gaze through most of the mp3 directories I notice how fubar the archives really are. What a nightmare. I'll do my best to fix up the archives as I go. Please bear with me. It hasn't been a good last couple of weeks in the Nightside. Stress, tension, sickness. Rinse, repeat.

Profuse appologies for the inconvenience this may cause all of you.
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  • The following scribings are notes from the composers about their featured pieces in the updates. Their email addresses can be found next to their contributions, found below.

    MP3 Remixes

    "Bloody Tears Medley" by Dennis Mott
    First off, so no ones confused, I was calling myself barfington until recently, but I dropped that, cuz I was getting sick of it. Im just using my real name now. Anyway....this is my Magnum opus of remixes so far. This version features variations from Symphony of the night, Dracula X, and Simon's Quest. The Dracula X twist is the solo section in the middle. In Dracula X, however, the bassline you hear is only played once, and I thought that it was such a rockin riff, so I made a solo section out of it. All real guitar tracks were by me (thank you, thank you...), and the rest was just tracked out. I know at times, the speed of the guitars is not at par with the background music, but thats only cuz ive got a slow computer. U barely notice it when youre not listening on headphones, though. This would have been an *.it, but the size of it just got kinda ridiculous, so I mp3ed it. Hope u like it!

    "Tri-Force Triumph" by Slush
    Although its short i fell this piece is as full of mood and atmosphere as any 10 minute long title ever since i first turned on A link to the past and heard this short melody i've never been able to forget it, to me it symbolised the Tri force itself, and then again this idea was strengthened even further when i heard it played in the Ocarina of time ( when you first see the Tri Force in the Deku tree's explanation, try listening for it) i'd love to find out the name of the original tune, but anyway here's my ode to it, enjoy and think " i've just found the Tri force" while you listen ;)

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  • Sorry to use such a low profile band for last week's title. Epoch of Unlight may be pretty underground, but they are damn good at what they do. And what they do is technical death metal. I had the priviledge to see them with Samael and Dimmu Borgir in Sep 99 and they blew me away. If you like technical music, check them out. They rock.

    Unfortunately for those of you who have no idea who this song is from, most TECHO songs don't have lyrics.
    ICQ - 67704601
    Matt Scipione
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    Symphony of the Night & Simon's Quest - Bloody Tears Medley by Dennis Mott

    Legend of Zelda
    A Link to the Past - Tri-Force Triumph by Slush

    Midi Composition

    Symphony of the Night & Simon's Quest - Bloody Tears by Wild Drac

    Legend of Zelda
    A Link to the Past - Zelda Rock Remix by Jeff Tipps

    Panzer Dragoon Saga
    Chase 3 (Checkpoint Assault) by BlackStealth

    Phantasy Star
    Phantasy Star Online - Image of Hero by BlackStealth

    Digital Music

    Chrono Trigger - 600 A.D. (Wind Scene) by Yeezong Vang

    Seiken Densetsu
    Seiken Densetsu 3 - End Credits by Dark Cecil

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    Final Fantasy
    Final Fantasy 6 - The Magic House by Wild Drac


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