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03.31.01 - The World's My Oyster Soup Kitchen Floor Wax Museum

Ever watch Farscape? That chick with the pale skin and short white hair is kinda hot. And that Dargo guy has a HUGE sword. I want one.

As promised, here's Gwilym Wogan's answer to where he's been and why he hasn't been submitting anything. Please direct all questions and comments to Gwilym and not me.

Now, the music.

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  • The following scribings are notes from the composers about their featured pieces in the updates. Their email addresses can be found next to their contributions, found below.

    MP3 Remixes

    "Genos Woods" by Orkybash
    Someone on the PMM boards requested a mix of the Mario RPG Forest Maze, so I decided to do it. This one brought back a lot of fond memories of Mario RPG, and some not-so-fond ones of this area in particular. This is my first remix to use soundfonts, so the quality is a lot better than some of my older ones. Short but sweet!

    "Balamb Dream" by Orkybash
    This idea actually dates back to last summer when I was in Hawaii. The plase we stayed at was *highly* reminiscent of Balamb Garden, so the entire time I was there the song kept running through my head. Naturally, I started to think about remixing it, and tried to as sone as I had access to Cakewalk again. The only problem was, it sounded like crap when played back through my cheap MIDI synth, so I bagged it while I was still working on it. After discovering the power of soundfonts, I picked it up again and finished it (with some new ideas that never would have made it in had I finished it as soon as I came back.

    "Techno Warrior" by Orkybash
    What can I say - when I heard Great Warrior (Seto's Theme) for the first time in Final Fantasy VII, i knew either it or Cosmo Canyon needed a remix. I'm not sure why I chose to do this one, but I did. When remixing this I just couldn't stop - It just kept going and going and going until it was over seven minutes long. This was actually from my pre-soundfont era, but I felt the remix could be much more than its original incarnation, so when I got my SB Live! I redid it with soundfonts (those of you who've heard the original will notice some other differences other than sound quality, too). Props to KORYNTHIAN for the name, since that's what he called the first version (named "Great Warrior Techno. bleh...). Since 50megs doesn't allow files bigger than 5 megs (and since DJP doesn't want them on OC), this one's encoded at 96 kbps.

    "The Place I'll Return to Some Day" by FFMusic DJ

    "Rise Again in Bloody Tears" by Takami
    Well this is what I call "Rise Again in Bloody Tears". I mixed the password tune on Castlevanaia 2 and bloody tears with the hard to find Saturn version of bloody tears from Castlevania Nocturne of the Night.


    "Boss Battle" by Jarrok Clemons
    The Boss Battle theme was tricky to write down, it constanly moves up the frets (or keys if you're playing it on piano) and requires perfect timing to make it sound just right. I tried to the best of my abilities to transcribe this one from sheet music to guitar. I think it sounds pretty good, a few things could be changed but I couldn't find a way to tab it without making it harder.

    "Chancellor's Theme" by Jarrok Clemons
    The Chancellor theme is a personal favorite of mine from Chrono Trigger. It starts out sort of in a melody and then adds a twist to it which makes it sound kind of mental. (if you would) It's fun to play on guitar and on piano.
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  • I was skeptical as to if anyone was going to send in the correct answer to last week's title, since not a single person responded when I used "Awakened Soul" from Symphony of the Night a while back. I'm guessing it was just a fluke judging by this week's response. Kudos around:

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    Simon's Quest and Nocturne in the Moonlight - Rise Again in Bloody Tears by Takami

    Final Fantasy
    Final Fantasy 7 - Techno Warrior by Orkybash
    Final Fantasy 8 - Balamb Dream by Orkybash
    Final Fantasy 9 - The Place I'll Return to Some Day by FFMusic DJ

    Suikoden 2 - Reminiscence Deep Sleep by Hazama

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    Super Mario RPG - Genos Woods by Orkybash

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    Final Fantasy 5 - Reminiscence by Fabrixio

    Our Town is No. 1 by Sonny Nilssan

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    Parasite Eve 1 - Parasite Eve by Sonny Nilssan

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    Chrono Trigger - Boss Battle by Jarrok Clemons
    Chrono Trigger - Chancellor's Theme by Jarrok Clemons


    Final Fantasy
    Final Fantasy 6 - Kefka's Theme by Starlet


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